December 4, 2009

ReMembering Eugene

Fleshback to Eugene one year ago. The plucky residents of Campbell Club willingly agree to host a curious idea. Bolstered by former sex-positive residents who could speak to the wonder and joy of Bikexploitation the perpetual students of Eugene open their doors (among other things) to the cadre of horny cyclists.

Their largest room is full to capacity packed in like massive ball bearings. The excited audience cheers gleefully, "Lets go on a naked bike ride!" The crowd pours out of the hall and into the streets. Hours later a spandex clad dance party rages in the kitchen until dawn.

Fleshforward to 2009. What will come of the poor unsuspecting viewers this year? What kind of reaction can be expected when the porn is turned up to eleven?

Shock? Inspiration? Perspiration? Time will tell, but we will not. What happens on Bike Porn Tour stays in the chamois. Its like a virus, but it is beneficial, so don't abstain, just relax, get comfortable, enjoy the show and when the time comes, scream out loud with exuberance.

  • Saturday December 5th
  • Campbell Club
  • 1670 Alder St Eugene, OR
  • 7:30pm, 18+
  • $5 donation
  • naked bike ride to follow

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