December 2, 2009

Media on Media Action

Thanks to Ryan Bigge who's blog The Biggie Idea was capable of summarizing a good portion of the bike sex industry in a single post. And while it might be a little too surmising for us at Bike Porn Industries we are greatful for the uh... exposure.

Meanwhile there are still lots of great opportunities to ogle bicycles, or in some cases use them to further other wonderfully twisted (lime) ideas. Still if you would rather decry bike sex, or the use of sex to sell bikes this article does a pretty good job breaking down some overt sexuality in bicycle advertising. And finally if all else fails you can go back to classic bike porn (as in sans human) If you are capable of masturbating to these images than we may have an... opening for you.

These images were not printed in the North American magazines but we saw the other half of the add (the half without dick) in a issue of Momentum.

And finally Urban Velo. No reason, we just like them and felt the need to achieve some balance in our o-so-journalistic reporting. Like Fox News for bikers.

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