December 11, 2009

Living the Festival High LIfe

Home again in PDX and we are still getting love letters from all over, this one posted conveniently online is a pretty great review of Pornotopia, The Southwest's only sex positive film festival where Bike Porn 3 made a big splash.

Andi Mari writes exciting tales about her adventures as a sexually aware, minivan driving mom going to a erotic porn festival 1000s of miles from home at this link HERE!

Thanks for the excellent review of an excellent weekend. If most porn was as uplifting there we would probably have fewer sexual issues in society.

What say you... UNREASONABLE GOAL?!?

Regardless of your thoughts on sex positivity (sp?) You need to get ready for the future of Bike Porn! Over the next week we will be unveiling the proposed tour schedule for February-June! Over 10 thousand miles long and our most daring tour yet! We dont even know what to call it! We still need to buy a car (or perhaps a mini van?!?) to encourage better cycling. We're not sure if it is ironic but it sure feels that way.

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  1. Thanks guys! I love you and your reviews! The Pornotopia article rocks! You guy ROCK!


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