December 31, 2009

More humptastic news from them ABQs

It would seem we touched a nerve... in a good way. After almost 2 months we found another story about our show in ABQ. A full length article about the Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound screening in Albuquerque, this time from the University of New Mexico's student paper, the Daily Lobo.Link

Here is a nice section of the article:

UNM senior Sean Alkire, who works at the UNM Outdoor Bike Shop, attended Pornotopia on Sunday and said the show was a healthy way for the Albuquerque community to explore sex.

“I thought it was very uplifting, if you know what I mean,” Alkire said. “I honestly didn’t know what to expect either. I didn’t know if we were going to be watching cartoons, bike on bike, I had no idea. Some of the hardcore stuff was a surprise, but a pleasant one.”

Wow, has that paper really been around since 1895? Bajesus, that is a long time. Thanks for the good press Mr Hunter, we hope you will explore the cyclical nature of getting it on to get off bikes again soon.Link

Photo Credit to Zach Gould

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