May 15, 2010

BikePorn: 4PLAY Photoshoot

O, did we forget to tell you? Friends are organizing an erotic photo shoot to be on display with Bike Porn 4:PLAY

Time is very short, folks. Are you players or... spectators?

Get in the show now or trade in your bikes for armchairs.

NSFW bikesexual content!

Deets direct :


Here's the deal. Bike Porn will be here in less than no time at all
and all the sudden we got this big f-wad of an idea.

Dude Ward, aka CityLife Photography and Studio 303, is deeply enamored
of us and all of our pornographic body and bicycle parts. In that
spirit, he wants to make a bike porn slide show to run before, between
and after the films. To that end and in support of all porn efforts
contained herein and forthwith and to the exclusion of all other
contradictory erectile functions, we invite and propose the following.

If you have a body and a bike and want to flash your ass:

Step 1: Contact Dude Ward at

Step 2: Advise Dude Ward that you would like to be in the Bike Porn Slide Show.

Step 3: Arrange a date and time to meet at Dude Ward's photography studio.

Step 4: With all your body parts, bikes, dildos, chocolate syrup,
barbed wire, and whatever else makes you feel whatever it is that you
love to feel the most, show up at the studio and make some fucking
art. If you have ideas you'd like to try, plan it out, rig up the
gear, and bring it on. We have a freight elevator in the building.

Things to know: The studio is completely safe and private. We will
build our photographs together and your boundaries will be absolutely
respected. Conversely, you are free to take your image wherever you
want to go. Dude Ward's only boundary is that nobody goes beyond
anyone's boundary. Lastly, anonymity is yours if you want it and yours
to toss away if you don't.

You can come solo, in pairs, or in groups. Groups would be cool,
because we can get a lot of shots in a compressed period of time, but
we got to be respectful to the other residents in the building.


Excitement builds in REGINA! Will Saskatoon keep up the pace?

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