May 27, 2010

BikePorn Photoshoot now with more male?

But even tho the ladie are willing to share there bodies it seems that guys are just not willing to step up. Why should women be so wiling to put themselves on the line and men can just sit around and be lame.

WHAT THE FUCK! (spelled out cause its that irritating)

We need all sexy bikers (men, women and whatever) of all sizes, (slim, girthy, or Clydesdale) and persuasions (into holes, into poles, into moles?) to step up and appreciate themselves!

But this is a special plea, if you are a sexy bike riding male male in PDX step the fuck up! Or get put the fuck down cause anyone so reserved as to not be willing to have a good time shouldn't be reading this anyway.

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  1. Hey - I don't read the ZB forum anymore! How I was supposed to know about that? Will get a hold of him...


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