May 4, 2010

Working up a sweat in Madison

All the people in Chicago were very excited to have us play Madison. "Its the Portland of the North" some of them said. We are not exactly sure what that means, but its got our curiosity piqued. Like check out the sweet local made artwork!

  • 5/5/2010 Madison
  • the Faux-op
  • 1151 E Johnson st.
  • 8pm Bike Ride at Capitol and W Washington
  • 9pm Porn Screening!!
  • donations for the goods 18+

Then its on to Minneapolis and our final midwest show! We are supper excited... TWINS!

art by


  1. sounds sweet!

  2. incredible! we learned about the restorative properties of mushrooms and bike trailers. the crowd was totally packed and even tho we didn't rake the money in hand over vag we did enjoy many genitalia shaped cookies!

    tanx to our wonderful hosts. we hope to return someday


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