September 13, 2011

Bike Porn Conquistadors

It is hard to express how exciting it is to witness a community of people rise up together to take on a challenge, to see an issue worthy of their time, to gather their forces and state their common goals and then work towards them. The issues of sexism, racism, genderism, transportationsim are all relevant issues that affect us in a variety of ways. But with the power of a community organized we can achieve a new glorious tomorrow.

Behold, Madrid has come forth to declare its bikesexuality. The organizers did not all know each other when they started but they all have decided to work together to make it happen.

Want to join the workshop? Contact them direct at bikepornmadrid[at]gmail[dawt]com

Workshops, movies, dancing... as one might expect with Spain's capital city, they are doing it with style.

Friday 16 Sept
CSOA Casablanaca
c/Santa Isabel 21

Saturday 17 Sept
EPA Patio Maravillas
c/Pes 21

Bailamos! Cantamos! Porkamos!

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