September 9, 2011

Parisian Velo Erotica

a single credo: "The sexual revolution through the cycling revolution"

We have been in France for only 12 hours and already we have made it onto the front page of Metro, Paris' largest daily publication. Mighty exciting stuff, and it would not be possible if the sex-positive bikers of Paris had decided that our cause was worth working for. They made it happen and we are quite stoked!

Not since blogerific event of Bristol, UK or magnificent media in Malmo, Sweden have we seen such a perfect smutty storm brewing. Not to mention such ominous phrases such as this: "Unless the police headquarters in Paris prohibits the happening."

What was that? Salt Lake; Mobile; Ankara, Turkey; Koper, Slovenia; Gdansk, Poland all had shows without so much as a mention of police or the trouble they cause! But now that we are in sexually aware Paris? Well it seems unlikely, but given the crazy nature of the European Tour so far... who knows!?!

Time to go hang out in bed on a laptop in lingerie.

PS we are still want to do a show in Nantes and Bordeaux. If you know people in those cities please put us in touch with them!

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