September 29, 2011

Marseille triumphant

We tumbled into Marseille with just a dream, a bicycle and an assload of sexiness. We made the long and dangerous journey along the treacherous and squalid south coast of France from a peaceful squat with a murder-suicide and 13 bullet holes to this brand new downtown squat in a building owned by the Catholic Church. We didn't have a show scheduled in Marseille, only glimmer of hope and a last-minute promise of a place to lay our heads. But now, now we have so much! Not just mere bike porn for Marseille, but electro bike porn!

Bike Smut has been given the green light to take off for the interstellar reaches of bikesexual glory tonight at the Association le No squat, address 14 Rue Ferdinand Rey, accompanied by intense electro rhythms. The schedule for our ignition:

Thursday, October 29
Bike Porn''electro''
19h doors open
21h screening of Bike Smut
with actors of the film

22h Crackhead Worm
electronica idm
Lsd prod, twist record

Dj Youz
Electro Break
twisted record

Psy trance
LSD Prod

Michou pink
Kalamity frame

//put on your sexiest bike
//1 euro membership + free pric
//gauge limited

Get on it, Marseille! And no, we' have no clue what Google Translate means by 'gauge limited'.

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