September 22, 2011

Critical Ass de Valencia

According to Brussels' premiere naked activist or "necktavist", Jerome Nature, Spain is the home of naked cycling. Ciclonudista has been alive and strong years before the World Naked Bike Ride.

We were sitting in the park killing time waiting for an impromptu Critical Mass to start. I asked the dozen bikers who had gathered to tell us something good and bad about the porn they have seen. It was a nice exercise giving a few quiet voices a chance to be heard when the local organizer said, "what if we ride our bikes naked for a bit then have a conversation about bikes and porn?"

What if indeed.

That was not only the fastest change from discussion group to naked bicycle ride EVER (less than 2 min after the suggestion we were rolling out in various forms of undress) but also one of the most pleasant naked bike rides many of us veterans had ever been on. There was no alcohol necessary to stiffen our nerves, no darkness to "hide our shame" and no 100s or 1000s of naked bikers to dominate the street. Just a modest crew enjoying a warm summer's day without hords of people leering uncontrollably or making tasteless comments. All we saw were dozens of pleased faces, smiling and clapping and cheering us on!

Not to say that most naked rides are plagued by negative behavior, but as exhilarating as "feeling the breeze" is, there is usually at least one lame spectator we quickly try to forget.

In this case we had a troop of joggers passing us chants about wanting bikes and sex. Yup we got passed by mostly naked joggers. It was that chill.

Valencia is ready for a show tonight!


  1. yeahhh!! thanks for the opportunity to create new fantasies! mery's proposal was irresistible, so i haven't time to say that this is what i like of porn: the chance of doing it!

    (a pleasure having you four at home!)

  2. For me it was also very special. Ridin' through the park naked was cool... and short films on Thursday were very funny and smuty!
    I hope you come soon again.

    More sex and more bikes!

  3. We miss you in Valencia
    back soon bike smut!


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