May 16, 2013

DIY Bikesexual Bliss

 Oh the glory of it all!

We love this time of year, Spring has SPRUNG, the oppressive snow and overcast is beaten back replaced by glorious sun, meaning the streets are clear for the bikesexuals to come out and play! And oh boy are they playing in Montreal! We are expecting no fewer than three exciting submissions from those fabulous francophiles including an epic porn with such production values that there is a Facebook page already buzzing with excitement about it!

We are so giddy with excitement that we had to share these words direct:

Reverend Phil,
I just shot a smut for this year's bikesmut... it was so exciting!
I had the best time i have had in my life and was with the sexiest people i have known in my life. Thank you so much directly and indirectly for this inspiration... postproduction starts now... and onto the deadline we rush...

talk to you later,


There is but 9 days left to submit your short movie. Make it with bikes, sex and make it fast!

Check the latest on the Brazen Saddles!

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