May 30, 2013

Porny Express World Premiere

Its nearly arrived!

After a solid year of Turning Trixxx around North America and beyond, promoting bikesexuality from Mazunte to Montreal we are finally making our pilgrimage home to share the bounty.

Bike Smut will be Turning Trixxx no more, forever. But out of the ashes rises a John Holmes-like phoenix set to scatter the sadness from the bike porn-starved lands with our new program of human-powered erotica!


It is time to hop on
The Porny Express
June 12
Clinton St Theater
2522 SE Clinton
8:30 pm
$7, 18+ 

And what a program we have! The filmmakers live in from Quebec, Chicago, Gainesville, Oakland, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Vancouver, Milan, Geneva, and Berlin!

Many of the films have incredible production values, but many are also slapdash nuggets of bikesexual brilliance. Our new trailer shows some of our favorite moments from this year and last.

This year, not only are all the movies inspired by the joy and liberation of sex and cycling, but the North American tour itself is human powered! This has not happened since the original Cascadian Bike Porn tour of 2007 and is an exciting challenge for our spunky team.

In 1891 intrepid riders spirited across the untamed landscape of the Western United States. Dubbed the Pony Express, they brought news from afar they connected disparate communities. This year Bike Smut will travel along a differently dangerous path. Braving extreme conditions and xenophobia we will ride our bikes more than 5,000 miles to bring this unique content.

Help us start off on the right track. Get your tickets now!
Hop on The Porny Express! 

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