May 23, 2013

Thumpa Thumpa Thumpjuice!

So you like bikes, sex and movies depicting these things. You wanted to make a movie but you didn't and now you feel a certain tightness on your chest, like something deep inside you wants to be free. This is because you haven't been able to really get your emotions out! This is your chance to express your deepest, darkest feelings about bikes and sex.

Don't hold back the bike love, let it flow all over the radio!

This Friday night tune into Radio Valencia where we will be broadcasting bikesexual Transmissions from the Mission!

Friday May 24
8pm - 10pm
Online all the time at:
Sometimes on 87.9FM when you're in SF near a repeater station.

The specific show is called "Thumpjuice;" they promise to have some hard hitting feminist/sociologists/smarty pants ready to whup on Bike Smut's mission and methods.
Explore DIY mayhem and trashpicked 45's from the safety of your home!

Podcast link post show (please wait at least 36 hours):

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