October 22, 2008

The best Mt Biking ever?

Yesterday we got to ride Slickrock in Moab, UT. Known for its soft, sticky surface giving excellent traction (provided you are not on a horse with iron shoes)

The screening at Chile Pepper was pretty spectacular. A screen that stood 15 feet tall dominated the fairly spacious room (for a bike shop). Thanks to our hosts and all the happy bike fuckers of Moab most of whom only learned about us a few hours before the show.

Immediately after the screening ended we saw a fleet of emergency vehicles heading south on Hwy 191. A massive fire had begun to engulf the night sky that was visible from miles away. The massive flames and billowing plumes of smoke were terrifying.

Some theories have been spread around about how it started

Either way, it was quite a hot time.

Today we meet up with Dr Doom of PUMA/world class insanity bike ride fame

Dr. Doom (on the left, wearing one of his own handmade Gore-tex biking vests) as pictured lasts year just after winning the Rally of the Dead last year. Phil's World could be the best riding in the world... especially for those of us with ridgid single speeds. Here is hoping it is at least less painful than riding in Moab. Our masochist levels are already peaked.

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