October 9, 2008

Sexy, Sexy SLC

Here in the land of 2 for 1.50 tacos we have basked in the joyus nature of Salt Lake City. All the bikers we meet are interesting if not drunk and hilarious.

This is the kind of weekend bicycle pornstars are made of...

  • Thursday, October 9th: Char-Riot races, tallbike jousting and groundbreaking program, The Pornography of the Bicycle is screened, perhaps for the last time in SLC
  • Friday, October 10th: Gymkahana, tall bike jousting finals and the new Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation featuring 4 movies from Salt Lake City Including

    • Borbachev Sexbot
    • Bicycle Flog My Monster
    • Ali Blu's Hemotoma
    • Lit Crit
We demand that all of Salt Lake UT sexy bike fuckers come down to Point Six Percent Productions to join in the fun.
Activities begin at 7pm, movies at 8:30
1130 richard street (park in back)
18+ only.

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