October 25, 2008

Team Wreck represent?

Where are the thoughts of our cell operations?

Turning his attention to this matter is the esteemed Dr. Doom

cell block, doom, checking in from southwest coloRADocrew,things are playing out just as planned. i have installed myself as temporary leader of team wreck swc........the chips are in place, hell will reign on all who oppose the almighty team wreck and its blood lust for polo domination!!!!!!!! my love to distant players may your mallets fly true.................

How will our glorious leader, RKelly respond? Could this lead to further Team WRECK franchises? Will all the cycle glory be delivered to Rickreall, Oregon this summer like Aztec gold to Spain?

Our BikeSmut Cycle News Coverage Team hopes to have a reaction from Rkelly soon. Standby...

(Update: please see comments for RKelly's response...)


  1. My first reaction, as Presidente por vida con Team WRECK is, of course, to smash any and all coup attempts with one of my several iron fists.
    Upon further reflection though, perhaps this is a good opportunity to extend the TW brand throughout the American West, and what better comrade to have beside me but Dr. Doom, whose feats of skill and endurance are matched only by his sterling personal integrity.
    If this new alliance results in Aztec gold coming to Rickreall that would be convenient, as I plan to send the winner of the Open to Tokyo.
    R. Kelley
    Team WRECK /Cascadia

  2. Bask in that comment fair reader for you are enjoying a fair and kind ruler displaying grace unbecoming of such a destructive force.

    And so the emperor maintains his fiefdom... for now.

    But how many more slices can be cut of the Team WRECK pie? What will happen when Sweet-T manages to get a foothold in the northern lands?

    What offerings must me made for such a lucrative franchise?

    The answers to these and countless other pressing questions may be learned June 14-15 2009 at the Rickreall Open.


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