October 19, 2008

Piles of bike love for Colorado

Hot damn do we love Colorado! In three days we hit Ft. Collins, Boulder and Denver. We are still reeling from all the sexy bike action.

If this love mail from Boulder is a typical reaction than it was all worth the damage to our livers:

Huge thank you is in order to all who participated and helped at the burnworks last night,

This was one of the coolest activities I have had the pleasure to encounter at the burnworks. For five bucks you saw a burlesque show with tassels a spinning, and a ucalelee (however you spell that fucked up word). The video explained to me what bicycle porn was all about, and then drinks and dancing. Man, you guys from Oregon really put together a good show.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Nick and Mel

Live performances in Boulder by Whiskey Breath Burlesque

Live performances in Denver by Kink Tank

We're hoping to show the program in Moab on Tuesday then it is on to the Rally of the Dead!

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