October 23, 2008

This guest post written by MC DisPencer from the heart of bike culture in Durango, CO.

Viva Passion Productions!

Our first day in Durango has been my most interesting day thus far. Traveling from Dr. Doom's humble abode in Mancos, CO, we traveled the short distance to Durango and were immediately dumped into an epic game of grass polo with the locals. Shortly after, phil's wheel became a wobbly mess of spokes, nipples, and a bent aluminum rim, curtsey of our own polographer Josh W.T. Woodard. The evening continued with an epic singlespeed mountainbike ride the outskirts of the city, ending at a local brewery. Eight cases of Ska Brewing's finest selections and roughly eight large pizzas got us energized for some barhopping. After some rooftop exploration, we ended up back up at The Space, swigging whisky, talking trash, and making trophies. Day 1 of the rest of our lives....

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