October 15, 2008

Denver's Sexual Sponsor

Thanks to our friends at Hysteria who have stepped up to help us distribute some sex positive (in a good way) goodies at the show this Saturday in Denver.

From their website:
The sex toy industry is awash in a sea of cheesiness and low quality standards — you wouldn’t believe how many blow-up sex dolls and crappy vibrators there are out there!

Amen sister! Seems like the sex industry has been suffering with lowered standards for some time. People, it is time to demand more from your porn and porn shops! The gold standard for us is: "how do you feel afterward?" If you feel dirty and shameful than it's likely that you didn't have an enriching experience. Be Proud! Walk into sex shops like Hysteria, Good Vibrations and Babeland with your head high and your (butt-plug) tail swinging.

1 comment:

  1. there are so many sex toys out there hard to choose a vibrator these days.


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