February 14, 2010

Erotic Film Fests Abound!

Happy Fucking Valentines Day.

We mean that in a good way, that you might have some fucking sex. Good fucking sex at that. If not with someone else consider using the appropriate tool.

Good Vibrations in San Francisco is one of the largest, longest running and yet still respectable sex shops anywhere. They have great ethics and they are big fans of Bike Porn offering up great prizes to people who are willing to play our games.

Now they are offering up MONEY! fucking bling bling dolla dolla, make you holla holla cash green machine if ya know what i mean.



Submit your short erotic-themed film to Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival and you may end up a star! Whether you’re a professional artiste, art student, budding filmmaker, or just having fun with your Flipcam, we want to see your stuff! What’s erotic? You tell us! Funny, serious, gay, straight, if you think it’s hot, we want to see it in 7 minutes or less. Our 2010 Grand Prize Winner will receive $1,500 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on September 23rd! Submission deadline is June 30, 2010. Visit www.gv-ixff.org for official Rules and Regulations.


Ok, so we're jealous. We want to be able to give away big prizes and wads... of dollar bills. We even have a plan for profit sharing for filmmakers! Well not so much a plan as a vision. But presently we dont have much, but if you are a struggling something-or-other uh, how you say... filmmaker, than you might consider doing something really great and getting paid.

If not our call for entries is even earlier: May 10th 2010. And we haven't even had the official internerd announcement yet. But just you wait, the artwork on this is the stuff coconut dream cream pies are made of.

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  1. This sound really interesting, I might send in my erotic film and make a few bucks. Thanks!


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