February 16, 2010

From Ashland, Oregon to the Calipornification

This Thursday we have a show in Ashland, then SF, Oakland, Davis, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara... then we have a day off.

Then Claremont, Downtown LA, Long Beach, San Diego, Tijuana (we hope!)

Then we have a day off.

Its gonna be like that for a while. Expect some pretty lame/shoddy posts and lots of speeling errors.

but we are pretty fucking stoked to be getting some supportive press. If the fine ass people at Flavorpill liked last year they are gonna have their ears pulled back

Thursday, February 18th
240 Hersey street (Bizness Park) # 14.
doors at 8pm, $3 Donation, +18
7pm Group ride from Ashland Plaza

*See, like that pic, we are way too busy.


  1. hi there.. do you have a show an up coming show in canada? toronto to be exact. thanks

  2. we are still working on the Toronto show, but we know it will be in late April.


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