February 8, 2010

Vancouver REmembered

How does it feel to be loved by cascadia? Well bookstores are awesome and frequently have zines and they are also awesome.

And tall bikes seem to be pretty common/porn worthy

When it lived in NYC this was quite possibly the fastest tall bike in the city. Now its just back to probably being the fastest tall bike in a Vancouver garage. Pretty tarck worthy, with big gears, bladed carbon fork, light stiff steel, and enough height that you only have to worry about the side view mirrors on delivery trucks clipping your handlebars.you can also see the head tube is also bladed for extra reinforcement. We used to have those similar spinergy Sprox wheels that are made with noodle like spokes of kevlar. A special tool is required to true the wheels (naturally, fuckers)

We didnt't go inside this place with glowing meats, and dancing pigs but we hear its BIG. instead we picked up material at DressSew just down the street. A new screen for projecting movies onto will be available soon!

you have a dirty mind, that is why you came to this blog. its ok to admit it.

actually we were able to make some decent coin off our little show in Vancouver. Great turnout and lots of excited bikers wanting to make some of their own bike porn! But yea the Olympics are still pretty fucked.

Thanks Vancvouver!

Pictures from Victoria soon,

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