February 6, 2010

PreBacklash Cascadian Bikesmut Tour Report

WOW! incredible shows!

thanx Vancouver and Victoria!

man, we love getting sporty and active but the Olympics are totally fucked!

We are stunned that we could be fined $10,000 for not wearing the right clothes! any signs, buttons or displays of anything that not "celebrating" the Olympic games. any sponsors that are not the Official Sponsors.

and specifically bend over for the IOC. The International Committee for Olympic Profit-Motivated DoucheBaggery.

a bit of a media day in downtown Vancouver BC...

but sport is totally alive! It doesn't require a lot of money, or even matching shirts (although they are way cool.)

Sports can be fun without having to exploit resources or evict people. In fact sports are often more enjoyable when you just leave people where they are.

mobetta Brittish Columbia photo journaljizm coming soon!

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