February 23, 2010

Santa Cruz is dead. Long live Santa Barbara!

Sometimes all the king's horses and all the king's men are all just gonna hang around smoking blunts.

This might be what happened to our Santa Cruz show, the jury is still out. We would have liked to say that we enjoyed some or ANY of said blunts but that is no longer an issue. What is an issue is that even though half a dozen people are planning on driving to Santa Cruz to watch the show we dont have anywhere to show it.

Its even more peculiar since Santa Cruz made some of the best bike porn in last year's program this time around they can't even watch the show.


Well from the ashes of the burnt hides we will grow a new potted sex plant in Santa Barbara. BEHOLD:
  • Thursday February 25th
  • Fishbon Pescadrome
  • 101 S. Quarantina Street in Santa Barbara, California
  • Doors @ 8 show @ 845, $10, +21
  • Group ride Meets @ Wheelhouse Bikes (corner of Cota & Anacapa) @ 6:30,
  • Ride @ 7:00
And it will be awesome. Come enjoy the hot, burgeoning bike/sex communityT

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