June 18, 2011

Gender in process of being fucked, Brno next in line

The Bike Smut hussies are in the ancient Hussite city of Tabor, getting snuggly with a band of merry queers at Genderfuck Festival. Tonight we bring the porn, tomorrow we bring the workshop. For those of you at the festival, if you want to come to the show, you know which wall to find the festival program on, and you know who the pornographers with the bicycles are (if not, why don't you introduce yourselves some time; we'd love to get to know you)

From Tabor, we fly through the Czech countryside into the waiting arms of Brno. The radical bikesexuals of the Kulturní Kolektiv in Brno have delighted our cockles by seducing our Bike Smut team into a last minute visit to their city. We will be there:

Galerie Skleněná Louka ("nahoře")
Kounicova 23, Brno
20 June -- 19.30
Facebrick Event

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