June 9, 2011

Vienna Resurection

Bike Smut normally follows the well-established operating procedure of 'Come - See - Conquer.' But sometimes we don't manage to finish the job. Such was Vienna! We performed our first official European show in this city in April; and it was a magnificent show indeed. But our show was not nearly as magnificent as it could have been, because we fell into a very common difficulty for the travelling pornographer: when inviting people to your porn screening, it's really really hard to convince them that you're not some terrible creepy sexist jerk. Which is pretty understandable; when you spend your whole life being surrounded by the effects of mainstream misogynist pornography, and then someone tells you "Hey, you should come to this public porn screening. It's 100% feminist! Really!", your first reaction may well be penetrating incredulity rather than transcendental excitement. And so was Vienna. When Bike Smut came here in April, many of the best citizens of Vienna assumed that bike porn would be another boring old representation of sexist porn, and so they stayed away. It wasn't until after the screening that they realized how TOTALLY AWESOME we are in every way possible. And then Vienna started begging for another chance.

And now they have it! We are back in Vienna for another shot at porn glory! Those who once turned us away in confusion and disbelief are now welcoming us with palm fronds and hallelujahs!

So come to the Vienna Bikekitchen!
Friday night, 20.00!
Address: Goldschlagstrasse 8!


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