June 14, 2011

Prague finally gives it up!

Sometimes cities are troublingly obstinate. Sometimes it's maddeningly hard to find a home for bike porn in a city. Like the clit/dick that you keep rubbing and licking and rubbing and licking but still no orgasm no matter how long and hard you try and no matter how you adjust your technique. And just like in making good sex, communication is the key to making good bike porn shows and getting to that climactic point that we're all striving towards. But communication is frustratingly hard when you're a traveling pornographer who's just landed in a strange continent without any knowledge of the local erogenous zones.

So when we tried to bring bike love to Prague, we just didn't have the right communication to get the city hard. We tried and tried, but for all of our stimulation of our contacts and potential hosts, everything came up cold and silent.

But in the end, the earth will be shaken by a toe-clenching, saddle-squeezing, throat-moaning, wheel-spinning bike porn orgasm, because Prague finally has a Bike Smut show! Soon! Tomorrow!

Our efforts have ended in triumphant success, and we proudly present to you...

Wednesday // 15 June // 19.00
Cross Club, 2nd stage // Plynární 23, Praha 7

Worth the wait.

1 comment:

  1. oh no, i missed it by one day!!! Now I have to wait til Bristol... and that's ages away :o/


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