June 20, 2011

Kitchen love

We love bike kitchens. They're pretty much the best thing ever to frolic across the golden fields of the bike porn kingdom. A bike kitchen is a space for DIY bicycle exploration, and your city needs to have one. Open spaces for creating networks of mutual aid; sharing parts, spreading knowledge, recycling waste, incubating inspirations, blossoming culture - these bike kitchens could be the start of something special. Our desire is to share our bike porn with the saints of every bike kitchen in Europe, because they deserve it, every single blessed one of them.

So we're trying. So far Bike Smut has visited the bike kitchens of Vienna and Linz in Austria. Today, we step just one border to the east and come to the new Bratislava Bike Kitchen (or Cyklokuchy┼ła as the Slovakians say it). Prime your bicycle taste buds.

KC Dunaj
Nedbalova 4
Bratislava, Slovakia
22.00 | 21 June

Thanks also to the jiving anarcho-syndicalists of Priama Akcia for hooking us up in Bratislava!

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