June 10, 2011

Maribor wears its underpants on the outside

What have we here? A legion of Bike Smut superheroes, perhaps? Making the streets of Slovenia safe for truth, justice and the bikesexual way?

The superhero team of Poppy Cox, Liberty Sprocket and Reverend Phil have been fighting their righteous war against cars, bad porn and refrigerated tomatoes across the entire breadth of the European continent in a gruelling and trying struggle against the vast societal systems arrayed in opposition to them. The life of a bicycle warrior such as this is a noble but often lonely and thankless one. At last, in Maribor, Slovenia, they and every other local cycling superhero were recognized with a grand parade in honor of the super-heroic deeds committed by these sexy bikers every day.

So much appreciation to the Maribor Cycling Network for revealing the true sexiness of Maribor's cyclists for the world to see (and Vanja Bučan and Boštjan Lah for the pictures).

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