August 6, 2011

United Kockdom Premiere

KAZAAM! We are not even across the English Channel yet and already London's bicycle underground is vibrating with the power of 1000 tremulous clits! What could possibly be inducing this crackling lightening storm of sexual energy brewing over a certain small green island? Why, it is the first Bike Smut UK show that is getting London all in a tizzy!

For example, this comment was posted on the Bike Smut London Facebook page:
"I'm getting wet just thinking about all you lovely bikers all in one place! What could be better than lots of amazing people from all different backgrounds coming together over the love of bikes.....and porn. "
Cant hardly argue with that sentiment. This is good because the community makes it good. How good you ask? Check this lineup of events:
7pm-8pm: Bike games and races. Including a DRAGRACE. Race bikes+ dress up in drag... you can even pull a sled and smoke a fag if you really are into drags

8pm-9.30pm: Bike porn films

9.30pm-2am: DJ's Bands, performance, games and ally cats will continue outside (weather permitting) for those who feel so inclined.
That is no less than 7 hours of joy. Hope you make it!

SUNDAY 07 August · 7pm - 2:00am
Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Road London E8 4AA
London, United Kingdom

Bicycle rePORN Man, Oh, Wow!

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