August 16, 2011

Rapture and Ruin, the past and future of the UK Bikesexual

We have had a pretty stunning stream of badass media promotions and reviews. From Malmo's stunning 3 page cover story to the First Day's ass-ess-ment of our first UK show, we have been basking in the glory of great media.

Then we came north and things have seemed to gone to hell. Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Glasgow have all tried to turn our uplifting program of short, erotic movies into a vapid, scat fest.

And now, thanks to the stunningly in-depth coverage from the London Evening Standard, not only have we been crowned the climax of bicycle cinema but apparently, we are Dutch.
Accuracy is a nice thing if you can get it, but more important to us is intention, and the intention of getting more active bodies to engage their communities is about as important as anything in the world. And in all fairness, the two hottest new bike pornographers are, in fact originally from Amsterdam.

So it is our great joy to present you with this latest recap of our Bristol show from Cap'n Bike Beard. With more mini-bike races and dance performances, we can promise that this media wont leave you wondering if you stepped in poo.


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