August 3, 2011

Playing in your Nether Lands

Oh Damn! Or really, Amster-Damn is more appropriate!

But really how appropriate can the Bike Smut Team be in a country that is called the Netherlands? As in "Nether Regions?" As in the lands "down there"?

Just look at this strapping Dutch lad, with his tousled hair, business casual threads, and folding bike that he's messing with down there. Between his legs...his mode of transportation bound in an impossibly twisted, yet seductive manner, ready to take him to the office? His mid-afternoon lunch meeting? Or to AmsterDamn's first screening of Bike Smut? We presume all three.

The Netherlands!

The land of bikes.

The land of sex.

Or is it? Reputations can be deceptive. For example...Sweden? In truth, of merely average sexual and bicycle openness.

So will the mythical Land of Nether hold up to its reputation? Conclusive results from our rigorous regime of bikesexual stress testing coming tonight!

Bike porn at the
Flimhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-I
Tonight! Wednesday! 3 August

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