March 10, 2010

Houston About to Get Loaded

We have just about come to the end of our time in Texas. We have cruised the bars of San Antonio, whacked the Balls of Austin and what is left but to pack some grease in Houston. NOTE WE ARE NOW OPENING FOR THE DIRTY AS FUCK OG SOUTHERN RAP STAR BLOWFLY, THUS OUR SHOW HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO AFTER 10PM Friday, March 12th Supper Happy Fun Land3801 Polk Street 9pm SHOW HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO AFTER 10pm, $8, +17 With the Midtown Dickens (of North Carolina) Its gonna be a kickass time. Come down and enjoy the happy fun land with us! check out the sweet lineup!

Houston Organizational Rally for World Naked Bike Ride Day 8pm

Joe Firstman (Los Angeles) 8:45pm

Rock / Acoustic / Alternative

Midtown Dickens (North Carolina) 9:30pm

Folk / Punk / Bluegrass

Beloved Binge (North Carolina) 10:15pm

Indie / Pop / Alternative

Photo sent in from Tucson viewer Steev Hise

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