March 20, 2010

Still reactionary!

We have hit our Southeastern most point of the Backlash Tour!

Now it is time to start heading north where we continue our mad rush into radical, sex-positive biker's pants.

We have a lot of great things going for us, but nothing as amazing as word of mouth. We have been getting some pretty outstanding opinions shared with us, the most recent just came in from Orlando:

I wanted to thank you guys for coming through, I honestly couldnt haave imagined the night turning out better. All the films are so beautiful and expose parts (pun intended) of human nature that is usually suppressed or avoided in public discussion. I love being naked and am very body positive and your videos are a reminder and an outlet to all of us body lovin' ladies and gents out there...

You like? Well keep reading this fine commentary by gettitn with the clickitty

If you saw Bike Porn 3 and feel like it was deserving of praise or scorn you should feel free to join the conversation!

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