March 11, 2010

wino bike lovers choices restricted

One of the classic images of bike porn. This image is ubiquitous. It appears in more ads, bike shops, and timeless posters than any other.

Yet, the image of freedom associated with flying naked with a bike does not go over so well with everyone. Naturally some are offended when beautiful women go naked bike flying.

So much so that a wine maker who uses this image is having its bottles pulled in Alabama.

I don’t care where you live: when it comes to sexual expression, we all live in Alabama.

We are passing thou from the SW to the South. Wish us luck. (actually the South has been better to us than the North or the Midwest so we are pretty fn stoked!)


  1. Um... you're about six months late to the story:

  2. @Caitlin: I was never rolling toward a boil; I merely wanted to point out — before fellow readers of this blog waste any effort orchestrating a massive boycott of all things Alabama — that the story has been out there for some time and has actually benefited the winery in the form of free publicity. The governor's sanctimonious self-righteousness has only served to increase awareness of and demand for the "offending" label, and I'd bet more than a few bottles have made their way to the Yellowhammer State in the hands of curious Alabamans. The links I provided were merely to expand on the topic.

    Is that OK with you?

  3. P.S. Nice blog; I agree that Zoe's dress was fabulous.

  4. @Carlos, OK! I am glad about that, very reasonable. & thanks for the compliment (I'm glad you like the dress, too).

  5. its true, we are not always on teh cutting edge. that story was delayed to correspond with our travels. Cleaver fashionable mofos abound!


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