March 10, 2010

San Antonio Returns the Flavor

We have been the recipients of some pretty good media coverage over the years. This year's Bike Porn program has pulled people's ears back more than ever, and coincidentally, this article in the San Antonio Current continues the trend of excellent articles that actually get the point of creating a safe space for adults to be adults.

A silent stop-motion called Cyclust kicked off the film programming, and its rainy-day palette and naturalistic girl-on-girl action modified my expectations for the evening. The even-shorter short that followed, Sperm, a clever black-and-white, culminated with the titular cell penetrating a bicycle gear. It wasn’t so weird to watch porn in public.

The “bound” element of the tour’s title became more pronounced in No No No Yes, wherein a boozing, scantily clad woman unlocked her bikefriend — a gentleman with a seat strapped to his back, handlebars to his neck — and proceeded to caress his parts. Ashley Lindstrom

With all the McDonald's Playplaces and similar hypoallergenic areas in the world these days it seems that "child friendly" is the only concern that measures these days. What is missing from this picture of course is that without safe spaces for adults to consider and discuss adult themes people are forced to repress feelings which often results in unpleasant releasing of pent up emotions in inappropriate places.

Thus the prude who steadfastly refuses to even discuss the idea of porn is basically committing themselves to having a tragically awkward time dealing with such matters in the future.

So watch some fucking porn.


Thanks for Ashley Lindstrom and Noah

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