March 6, 2010

Trolloping across Texas

How is it that our expansive bike porn industries was able to find a venue in Houston and even San Antonio but not in Austin?

We have seen a lot of demand for bike porn in Texas but as is frequently the case where we have lots of people asking to see the show we can't find a venue to show it.

And before you start leaving comments about where we should show here is an ever expanding list of places that have turned us down or ignored our frequent attempts at starting a conversation:

Alamo Drafthouse
Dobie (and consequently all Landmark Theaters)
Studio 501
The Long Center
The Salvage Vanguard Theatre
The Coldtowne Theatre

And there are a few more if we bother to remember... Some of the places told us they wanted to do it but couldn't for various reasons, others... well we can only guess they hate bikes sense everyone loves sex right?

But it does beg the question, would ignore Bikes and Sex?

Austin venues.

But the people seem to be clamoring for it. Hope we can accommodate the masses.

But before we get too sad about the supposedly "bike-friendly oasis" that is the Texas state capitol we are grateful and excited to bring the goods to SA for the first time

  • Monday March 8th
  • C 4 Workspace
  • 108 King William
  • San Antonio, TX 78204
  • 7pm, $5, +18

And the beat goes on...

photo credit to
cozy beehive


  1. Interesting. Do the women featured in the porn actually ride bikes?

    I made that photo of Armstrong btw! Any credit to the blog? Feel free to link Cozy Beehive.

  2. Hm. I thought I had water marked that priceless pic.

  3. Anyone can submit a movie, so it is possible that some of the women making movies have never biked before, but that seems pretty unlikely. If you come to the show you will be able to make your own conclusions.

  4. thanks for your contribution to the erotic religious bicycle arts

  5. I was thinking if we can blow that up and make a poster or something out of it. Possible?

  6. the nice thing about being a autonomous being is that we can do whatever we want. Printing is a simple but frequently expensive thing.

  7. Hope to see you and the crew in San San Antonio for future tours. It was a liberating, exciting, and very funny show with some wonderfully produced short films. You all rocked! It was a pleasure to have some time to talk with you Phil. All the best for you and the crew on the road ahead.

  8. yea erik! San Antonio totally brought it. thanks for all your support! sure hope we can bring it again next year


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