April 30, 2010

Not getting arrested is great!

We were able to avoid being arrested for exploring abandoned buildings, although we did have to endure 2 hours of sitting around and doing nothing while the police asked us the same few questions dozens of times each. Some of us are pretty fortunate that we were not in Arizona, cause we didn't all have our papers

But since we didn't go to jail we are celebrating tonight!

  • Tonight at the Hasting Street Ballroom
  • 715 West Milwaukee Street
  • 9:30pm
  • $6 or $5 w/ bike or $4 w/o pants

Why bring Bike Porn to Detroit?

Because its fun!


  1. ha! i love the pic with the purple bmx hex shirt...i bet you got that at the queer clothing swap in gainesville cuz it used to be mine :P cheers and thanks for bringing bikeporn to gville!


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