April 3, 2010

Who gets it? Not the District of Columbia...

"What? There are showing it in Baltimore and not in DC?!?"

Yup, even though we started trying to find a place months and months ago and had various connected people pulling for us to make it happen, but apparently either the burlesque places said it was too risque, or the art houses said they weren't "into" bikes, or friggin porn theaters didn't even get back to us! Yeesh!

Anyway as it stands there are only 30 people who will get to watch bike porn in Baltimore or DC cause we are playing at a totally rad, but fairly small space.

Get your tickets now!


or show up in person and have your fingers and fruit crossed that Sugar we are not sold out
  • Sugar
  • 927 West 36th Street
  • 8pm
  • +18
  • $10
  • entrance in the back

get your tix now, or suffer.

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