April 21, 2010

New HUMPshire and VerMOUNT

Thanks so much to our great hosts in Providence and Boston! Who knew that fun loving bikers would be so much fun, even in historically puritanical, witch-burning MA? Alas, the harsh mistress that is the Backlash Tour has us enjoying but one more day in New England.

Like delicate fingers tracing a finely crafted handmade frame, so to are we creeping up the Atlantic coast, tickling the virtual base of America's headtube in Vermont and we are straddling the border to New Humpshire! (possibly fingering the lugs!) Soon we will be cresting around the big east coast Canadian biking cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto... But first WHITE RIVER JUNCTION!

Then in Canada we hope that our hosts will provide unto us, a bike ride, polo (maybe a few times), more riding and lots of great people visiting from all over to make magic happen!

Photo credit to Courtney Rodgers

1 comment:

  1. Great show guys, I'm still awed and amazed... and turned on.


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