April 21, 2010

BushwickBK Reviews, Thanks to the Goods

We took a few extra days in NYC to enjoy the wild and crazy times. We mixed up with the local polo scene, visited a few watering holes, helped out at TimesUp a great bicycle nonprofit and on top of all that we had 3 great shows in Brooklyn! They were attended by one Mr Paul Cox of the Bushwick BK who seemed to rather enjoy himself:

Bushwick suits bike culture far better than its pitted streets and industrial traffic would suggest. At least, that is, the particular bike culture that concerns itself with tallbike jousts and carbon angst and calling itself “bike culture,” which springs up wherever there is a collective will to cobble together an old steel frame and stick a boombox on the back. We must bow to Portland, however, as the true capital of greasy chains, where the bicycle is elevated to a way of life, a tool of liberation, and an object of lust.

If we ever doubted that Portland cyclists are hardcore, they settled the issue last week with a wild Friday night of bike eroticism at House of Yes. Recognizing how humdrum bike carnivals, bike polo, and Critical Mass rides have become, the Bike Porn crew are reigniting baser passions around North America with their touring film festival and getting audiences to talk frankly about the sexual energy of human powered transport. The blending of sex-positive and bike-activist agendas is certainly attention grabbing, but the real surprise is just how turned on some people really are by their bikes.

Thanks for the kind words!

It is inaccurate, however to pin the sexy bicycle radness of Bike Porn entirely on Portland,

especially when films have come from other bike culture mainstays like NYC*, SF, and Seattle as well as more unknown gems such as SLC, Columbus, Tempe and Victoria BC.

*Note: NY did submit a film to Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation... a gruseome movie that should encourage us all to practice safe bike sex: "Bicyclamedia"

It was a great show and DAMN did we ever enjoy them blended refreshments!

Our most gracious thanks to The House of Yes and the Band of Bicycles.

Photo credit to Courtney Rodgers and and the bike-curious Mr Cox.

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