April 9, 2010

ReMembering ATL

Oh the Dirtysouth, such a monument to a way of life... simple, refined, graceful and yet, wicked horny. We have played the grand opening of bike shops, cavernous basements, majestic 1400-seat Victorian theaters, cramped living rooms, re-appropriated warehouses... all of it.

Atlanta, (the New York of the south, according to some historic art we saw in San Antonio) was closest to the latter. Massive rooms filled with sweaty bikers that had just completed a grueling city wide allycat race (with one of our team members coming in 4th place in a field of 40... on a single speed mt bike). And of course lots of alcohol.

The pictures might not do it justice, paticuralrly as there are no pictures of empty condom wrappers or anything, but for sure it was an exciting night down south

Photo Credit to Laura Colbert and Courtney Rodgers

Like sexy grains of sand falling thou a voluptuously curvy hourglass so to are these are the bike porn of our lives.

AND WHAT IS THIS? Only one month until the deadline for Bike Porn 4: PLAY!

Make inspiring works of trashy bike love today!

if you dont you will have to suffer through this ATL bike polo stallion perpetually flipping you off for all eternity

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