April 15, 2010

Spilling the Beans in Boston

Behold, Boston has tremendous piles of Bike Love:

Thanks to Tom Meek for bringing the politics of sex and cycling to the masses. Here is a interesting sample:
If there’s been any knock on the tour, it’s the lack of gender representation. “Where is the dick?” a fan posted on Bike Porn’s Web site. To which they responded, “To be clear, we love all our bold women, but it would be great to see more men inspired to create and share.” But then again, according to them, many women have come up and confessed their bike-triggered orgasms, “and it’s usually when the saddle is really uncomfortable.”
True that, in fact a nice lady at a Brooklyn bar after a friendly game of polo was very forthcoming about her bike saddle.

"I never tell anyone this, but who are you gonna tell, but my old bike rubs me just so and good... and damn it just... it becomes too much. After an hour or so of riding im just too sore!"
Well now! That was strangely graphic for someone we just met... but its very comforting to see that the ideas of sexual expression can flow when you are thinking of the freedom of riding under ones own power. One of our favorite bike pornographers, Nicky Robo has been very forthcoming about how saddles create a mystical trips to the store...

Your opportunity to check out the shows in New England is coming up next week, 3 big shows!

SUNDAY 4/18/2010 New Haven
Neverending Books
810 State St 8pm $5 adults
Group ride to show meets at the flagpole on the green at 7:00

MONDAY 4/19/2010 Providence
17 mules
[CALL FOR LOCATION 503.913.9468]
8pm $5 donation adults only
Bike ride from Kennedy Plaza meets at 6pm

WEDNESDAY 4/21/2010 Boston
Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
930pm $10 18
Presented by Truth Serum.org

photo credit to Courtney Rodgers

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