April 18, 2010

Riding hard in Rhode Island

Behold our third night in our 3rd state. It gets like that in New England, where as opposed to the large city-states of the pre-industrial ages, these states are small enough that they could be described as state-cities.

We make our way to Providence, Rhode Island!

Providence, the word itself so exciting: A distinction is usually made between "general providence" which refers to God's continuous upholding the existence and natural order of the universe, and "special providence" which refers to God's extraordinary intervention in the life of people.[1]

While we don't claim to be divine (well some of us on tour do, but not all of us) we do this this is a pretty extraordinary thing going on... the ONLY screening in Rhode Island!

Alas we are not publicizing the location of the event due to concerns of annoying, state-sponsored terrorism coming and shutting us down. So we are going into the Bike Porn underground!

  • Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound
  • 4/19/2010 Providence
  • 17 Mule
  • 8pm $5 donation adults only
  • A bike ride to the secret location meets at 6pm at Kennedy Plaza
  • NEW! A "fuck bikes, pedestrians-only!" walk. Gather at everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant... La Lupita @ 1950 Westminster Street at 8:00pm. The ambulation begins promptly at 8:15pm
If you are totally not hip (like us, it seems) and have never been to 17 Mule before, just join us on the ride, or on the walk, or give a phone TEXT to the new improved Providence Bike Porn Hotline for location details:


Did you catch that, this is now a text only number, suck it lan liners!

Tremendous thanks go out the the excellent Chainbreaker's Collective who did a fabulous job organizing our show in New Haven. Great venue, audience, a place for us to crash... everything!

Check out the great informative description (which, alas makes up 60% of all the content on their website):
The Chainbreakers is a New Haven collective made up of women, transgendered, and intersex cyclists actively building feminist bicycle culture in New Haven. The group gets together monthly to work on bikes and share skills, food, and time. Chainbreakers is based on the belief that working on your own form of transportation is empowering and fun, and it provides a positive alternative to male-dominated bike culture.

Pretty fucking cool eh? To the straight dudes who might take offense... if you want more women on bikes this is the kind of radical organization that could make your culture less of a sausage fest all the time.

Photo Credit to Courtney Rodgers


  1. hey the phone number doesn't work!

  2. aha! good catch! we think it may have now been fixed!


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