October 25, 2012

Hot off the Strasse!

Just hours before we screen Turning Trixxx in New York City, We had our first ever screening at the 7th annual Porn Film Festival in Berlin! We already have two filmmakers who were in the audience there coming back at us with great reviews! Read them for yourself:


Miss Poppy, thanks so much, the screening was great!
I love your new movie, it was so lovely to see you both and then it was so hot too!! 
almost felt like fucking you live :)  miss you!
great setting, up on the -is it called a landing?
and fun and pretty -your bike could use some paint though ;)    and such smooth dialogue...
nice job!!!
oh my god, the bike wizard was so funny "thank you bike wizard, thank you....bike wizard, where are you?? -in the living room" hahaha
oh and those hot danish girls... wraw
my friends loved it too, her favourite was the one with the bike 'crash' and the "where do you live? -right there!" and bathtub fingerbanging :)
there was a lot of ooh aah and ouch! from the audience watching the bike mechanic fucking the spokes, also a guy moaning in a very positive way
also i met sophie there which was nice
unfortunately i have to spend the rest of the night filling in tax forms, but you inspired me to get up early tomorrow and go watch 'fucking different'
big kisses! xxx


I was at the Bike Smut show tonight in Berlin and it was fantastic. There were so much people that some must sit on the floor. The atmosphere was very good and we had much fun. Nobody left the show or was offended. The audience was openminded and they applauded to every screening even to my piece of artwork. After the show one guy asked me if i was the one in the film and he was very interested in what i was doing. I felt a little bit like a movie star and it was no bad feeling. I really loved the show and the creativity in the different films. Unfortunatly you could not be here in berlin this year but i followed bike smut on twitter and saw that your north american tour was a big success. I also wish you a great show in New York tonight.

Hope to hear from you and send you smutty greetings from Berlin


Thanks so much to everyone who attended. We do hope to be there in person next year. And if you felt inspired, please, send us a movie!

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