October 1, 2012

Beth and Bike Smuts Excellent Adventure: Whats better then Minneapolis? NOTHING!

In my last post I talked about our show in Bozeman, Montana, our meeting with our friend Leon and our epic drive across North Dakota to Minneapolis.

What I am here to tell you today is HOW FUCKING AMAZING MINNEAPOLIS IS!  
                                                           Nickey Robo likes bike smut.
       So we arrived at nine in the morning, exhausted and desperately needing showers. We were staying at the wonderful Nickey Robo's house, an old friend of Phil and Poppy Cox's from Portland, and we were greeted at the door by Ms. Poppy Cox herself! Yes, finally the lovely lady has joined us on tour after a two week hiatus. I immediately fell asleep and slept like a baby for six hours, woke up took a long shower then got a phone call from an old friend of mine from Los Angeles.

Andy pants eats Ethiopian.
                                                         Awesome animal tooth earrings.
        Charlie and Andy used to live in LA, but now they live in Minneapolis and I had no idea! We decided to get dinner that night and so using a borrowed bicycle (my back wheel broke, boo!) I rode to the house where Charlie lives. It was so so lovely to see them again, and we went for dinner at a little Ethiopian joint with a group of their friends (who are all amazing). After dinner Andy and I decided to go to a house show and we rode our bicycles there in the coldest rainiest head wind I have ever experienced. It was well worth it, the music was awesome and it was a great opportunity to flyer for our show the next night at The Bedlam Theater.   I met some lovely folk, got a lot of them interested in going to our show and spent a good chunk of time singing songs from the Might Boosh and talking about British comedy. Such fun! The next day way the day of the show. We had a lovely breakfast with Nickey and later while Poppy was working on her costume, Rev and I went to the local Zine fest. We were able to flyer there and in return got some awesome stickers, zines, prints and a pair of animal tooth earrings.
                                                          Dinner at Nickeys house!
    Before we left for the show we had a lovely dinner of pasta with plenty of veggies and some nerdy beers. And then with no time to do the ride that was lead to our show, we set of to the theater to start setting up! We set up the merch table and before long the audience started filling up the space. So much so that some had no space to sit! There were people standing in the back as well as people sitting on the floor. 90+ people attended, our biggest show yet! Everything went of without a hitch. From the the bike dance performance from Wheel Sexy, the films themselves and the give away we did at the end of the show. My friend Andy (mentioned above) won a blow up sex sheep, one lovely lady won a  Silly Willy , and one gentleman won a pair or hand cuffs made out of bike tubes!
                                    After the show at the Hex bar. Bike porn then punk band!
                                                            The three of us reunited!
         After the show we all went to a bar just around the corner called The Hex bar.  An awesome ska punk band was playing as we drank whiskey drinks and beers. We danced, we took group photos and then spent some time at a friends house before heading back to warm soft beds and kitten cuddles.
    The next few nights after the show we got some more hanging out done. More sun filled days riding bikes, lovely lunches with friends and a movie night of Harry Potter and beers with the loveliest men in Minneapolis!
   We left on Minneapolis on Wednesday, heading towards Wisconsin! The state of cheese curds and good beer. More updates on what happened there will appear shortly. First, listen to this song:
 (This is FARMS a band that Andy and Ben are in, they are two of the loveliest men in Minneapolis. Check out their music. Its like candy for your ear holes) (oh and shout out to Charlie and Nickey for also being the loveliest thangs ever, I don't know what we woulda done without you!)

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