October 18, 2012

Pappas got a brand New England bag!

We have reached the Bikesexual zenith! At least in a northeast geo-political sense. We will be able to explore any more Canadian Providences on this Tour de TriXXX. Thank you Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We hope our joyful expressions of bikesexuality will keep you warm all winter long.

But we may linger no longer. Today we turn South and begin the long, hard and sometimes throbbing road down to Mexico.

Tonight (Thursday the 18th)!  return to the US to run old glory up and down the pole. (if ya know what im sayin)
Thu Oct 18
The Firefly

200 main st. Burlington, vt
doors at 8pm
$5    18+  

Hey Paul, Forget the embarrassment of what happened when you put your sex tape online. There is no shame going on here. You can ride through every town, middle-sex and farm screaming "the pornographers are coming!" and no one will thing anything less of you for expressing your desires. Tomorrow (Friday the 19th) we travel to the original American capital of radical behavior:  
385 Centre Street
3 shows @ 7:30 9:15 and 11pm
$5  +18

Spread your legs and ride, we don't get no break! As long as there is a place where the fun is not between our legs we must strive to bring more joy and liberation to sex and transportation! The next day (Saturday the 20th) we press on to the smallest US state, Rhode Island, where we will decree ourselves sovereign, sexy and self powered in
Dungeon C in Olneyville
underground show, email libertalia401@gmail.com for address
$7 - no one turned away    adults only

The day after (Sunday the 21st) is kept sacred. If its porno, its polo, and if its not polo is some other ball and if we are playing with balls you are probably invited. We shall not travel further than necessary to deliver this powerful scripture of self-determined boundaries on obscenity. Not having to go to another city is almost a break because we are doing a second screening in
280 Broadway Room 200    
$7  - no one turned away    adults only

Whew! That's a lot of New England packed into 4-day weekend. Join us! Share us! Rejoice!

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