October 2, 2012

Heading east to fuck a bike near you!


All this poopulation density could only mean one thing... Bike Smut must be back east.

We have a lineup of shows over the next few weeks. You might not live in these places, and you might not know of people who live in these places and the people you know might not know anyone who lives in these places... but someone, somewhere knows someone who someday will and you should totally tell that person to GO FUCK BIKES! Then maybe throw in a glove-slap for good measure.

Detroit, MI
Sat Oct 6
- 9:15pm
Crass City Theater - 3420 Cass Ave

Toronto, ON
Thu Oct 11
CineCycle - behind 129 Spadina Ave

Ottawa, ON
Sat Oct 13

Montreal, QB
Tue Oct 16
Cafe Artere - 7000 Ave du Parc

Burlington, VT
Tue Oct 18
The Firefly - 200 main st.

Boston, MA
Fri Oct 19

Providence, RI
Sat Oct 20 - 9pm
Dungeon C

Providence, RI
Sun Oct 21 - 6pm
Libertalia - 280 Broadway #200

We have promising leads on shows in NYC, DC (yes really this time), Richmond, Asheland, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio all before the 1st week of November! Its gonna be a East Coast sprint down south to our new adventure South of the Border!

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