October 4, 2012

Going below the Avocado Belt

Did we say South of the Border the other day??

Well to clear up any confusion, we don't mean the place in just south of North Carolina with the massive glowing sombrero (although that place does rank on the international kitsch scale)

We mean Mexico! (aka Guatemala's Gay Unicorn Hat.)

Our time down south will consist of, elective surgery, excessive racial stereotyping, shitting salad bowls of guacamole, and racing techno colored dream bikes across the desert before unlocking the secrets of the Mayan temples at the conclusion of time this Winter Solstice.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!" You stammer in disbelief.  "Mexicans are almost entirely Catholic and therefore hate pornography!" 

En contrare, mon frayre... wait, no... Aye carumba, gringo! For it is in repressive cultures that Bike Smut has found it most excited fans. If you were to compare and contrast the business professional from uber-hip bike-friendly and sexually liberated streets of San Francisco with the same mild mannered person from the formerly repressive culture of Salt Lake you might wonder if SF had a pulse. Salt Lake is a bastion of Jack Mormons and other "not holey enough to get into my personal heaven" wash outs. SF killed god like 70 years ago.


A similar reaction occurred in parts of Europe. Where sexually liberated fetish fiends in Berlin were mildly appreciative of our attempts to liberate humanity via better sex and better transportation, all of Italy was a flame in bikesexuality!
The answer is clear. Go where there is a restrictive religious culture and find the counter culture awaiting for sweet bikesexual joy!

Photo credit to the excellent artists at 100 copies who have been making limited runs (exactly what quantity we are not gonna say) of great prints relating to city cycling for year(s). 

as well as Bryce Drives who apparently used to get around too.

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